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Medieval Bookcovers

Starting with treasure bindings in the 800s (yes, I can make a Fimo ivory panel, but it'll cost ), we move from fabulous jewels to plain bindings with solid or filigree corners and bosses or tooled leather, to gilded leather, Elizabethan embroidery, and finally to plain wooden covers again for antiphonals, which are a bit of a special case.

Note: I can't do the embroidered covers, they take an enormous amount of time. They're included 'cause they're so pretty.

If you wish for a close reproduction of one of these, or of another cover you have found, please e-mail me. I can do the jewlled treasure bindings in flat 23ct gold leaf with cabochons for about $50; 3-D modelling gilded is ... well, more expensive . I cannot, however, do metalwork beyond fine twisted brass wire around jewels, and gilded figures, crosses, etc will either be cardboard or Fimo (like plasticene that is baked hard).

1. Codex Aureus St Emmeram produced for the Holy Roman Emperor Charles II (the Bald) in 870
2. Jeweled lower cover of the Lindau Gospels , c. 880, Court School of Charles the Bald
3. Ivory plaque, probably from a book cover, Reims, late 800s
4. Small Bernward Gospel front cover - second half 1100s
5. T'Oros Roslin Gospels 1262
6. 1280
7. Book on Roman laws, 1300s
8. Dante's Commedia, Italian, late 1300s
9. Bible, Nurenburg, 1478
10. Psalter, red velvet, c. 1400
11. Unknown
12. Unknown
13. Paper, 1400s
14. 1400s
15. Book of Hours, Paris, 1408-10
16. Antiphonal Oettingen-Wallenstein c1450
17. Conolly Hours mid-1400s
18, Thomas a Kempis Imitacion de Cristo 1494
19. Gregorian chants c 1500

20. Book of Hours, France, 1524
NOTE: this design is expensive ($35) as it takes hours to do.

21. Elizabeth I embroidered cover, late 1500s
22. Embroidered Elizabethan cover on velvet. The bible of Queen Elizabeth I, 1583
23. Antiphonal
24. Late 1600s Antiphonal