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Sample Bookcovers

These are all books that I have made and covered. Some of them are from pretty early in my teach-yourself-bookbinding career and edges and decorations may be a bit uneven. I have also changed my glue so that it no longer marks the covers. My headbands are now quite respectable, and are made of silk thread that I have spun and dyed myself.

Not all of these decorations are guaranteed to be available; it depends on exactly what I can source. Small solid pearls are generally real fresh-water ones, while large ones and half-pearls are imitation. All "jewels" are fake (what do you expect for $50? ), but most are Swarovski crystal. Likewise none of the metal fittings are actually real gold, silver, or bronze (see previous note). All gold paint is Winsor & Newton gold gouache, sealed so it will not rub off.

More samples will be added as I produce them.

1. Old-rose velveteen with bright-gold fittings, A5
2. Harvest yellow velveteen with bronze fittings and a large oval topaz cabochon, A5
3. Blue velveteen with bling, bling, bling, and more bling, A5
4. Black suede leather with bright-gold fittings, with clear and sapphire cabochons, A5
5. Blue suede leather with bright-gold fittings and amethyst cabochons, A5
6. Red cross-and-rose brocade with antique gold fittings and ruby and clear cabochons, A6
7. Slate-blue velveteen with silver fittings, sapphire oval cabochon and pearls, A6
8. Black suede leather with bright-gold fittings and pearls, A6
9. Black smooth leather with gold paint and bright-gold fittings, A6
10. Moss-green velveteen with antique gold fittings and emerald cabochons, A5
11. Smooth brown leather with gold paint design, A6
NOTE: this design is expensive ($35) as it takes hours to do.
12. Smooth red leather with gold paint designs and gilded page edges, A5
13. Brown pigskin with bronze corner pieces and large bronze clasp, A6
14. Gold and white brocade with gold cord trim, antique gold corner bosses and flower-shape centre boss with amethyst glass cabochon, A7
15. Blue leather with silver corner bosses and centre boss and a sapphire glass cabochon. This cover features inscribed lines in a diamond pattern. A6
16. White leather with gold sunburst centre boss and corner protectors and ruby glass cabochons, A6
17. Black suede leather with gold starburst centre boss and gold filigree corner pieces with small bosses, A5
18. Dark brown leather with diamond-pattern tooling, broinze corner protectors, and a bronze centre boss similar to No. 9 in the medieval examples (1478), A5
19. Pigskin leather with bronze startburst centre boss and corners similar to No. 18 in the medieval examples (1494), A5
20. Brown leather cover with hot tooling and stamped designs.
21. Dark blue leather with gold gouache decoration, A4.
22. Dark red leather with gold gouache decoration, A4.
23. Royal blue velveteen with gold filigree corners, flower centre boss, and blue glass cabochons, A5