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Help your treasured books return safely home--use bookplates.

The plates are adhesive-backed;  just write your name in the space provided, then peel and stick inside the front cover or on the flyleaf of your books. 

The bookplates are about 5cm x 8cm (2" x 3") and come in a pack of  24 for $10.   We can even print your name on them for a small charge!  Any of the designs for cards or T-shirts may be used as a bookplate;  below are some which are particularly suitable.  (These may be used on cards or T-shirts as well, with the name area removed.)  

Some people have asked why most of the images below feature saints or apostles.  The answer is simple:   these were the people most likely to be painted holding a book or writing in one, since the level of literacy was far lower in medieval times than it is now.

Don't see any styles you like?  Contact us about special design orders.


St John

St Mark

St Luke 1

St Jerome

St Zita of Lucca

St Matthew 1

Christine de Pisan

St Catherine

Eadmer of Canterbury

St Matthew 2

St Luke 2

St Cecilia

St Luke 3

Plato & Socrates

Eadwine the Scribe

These are the fonts available for having your name printed on the bookplates, which costs an extra $2.00 per pack.

Bookplate Options
Font for Name
Name to be Printed
Bookplate Style (Including any numbers)