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You may pay by:

    PayPal to
    Direct deposit: St George Bank, BSB 112879, Acct 026120633 (Australia only)
    Money order in $AUD payable to Golden Gryphon Productions
    Personal or company cheque in $AUD payable to Golden Gryphon Productions

Australian banks charge an arm and a leg to convert a cheque in non-Australian currency to $AUD, so if you must pay by cheque in non-Australian currency, please add the equivalent of $10 AUD to the total. You can find a currency converter here.

Make a Single PayPal Payment

When you press the PAY button, you will go to the shopping cart of Feathers & Wedge, whose account I am kindly allowed to use. Do not worry, this really is for Golden Gryphon.



Postage Rates

Here is a link to Australia Post's postage calculator:

I am slowly updating my postage amounts after the Post Orifice's last rate hike. Also, I need to actually write the part of the shopping cart program that calculates postage. Just as well I used to be a programmer!